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    Bar Chart with Confidence Intervals

    Ed Kukec

      Hi guys,


      This is pertaining to my previous post where I was trying to blend my aggregated hospital readmission rates with the Students T Table to pull a Critical T Stat using Degrees of Freedom. I decided just to calculate the Upper and Lower 95% Confidence Intervals using the Z Stat of 1.96 as a close approximation...not as perfect as I like but it seems to be ok.


      What I'm trying to do now is plot the readmission rates and the upper and lower confidence interval on a Bar Chart so that Bar has a line for the Upper Confidenc Level and a line for the Lower Confidence Level....a typical box plot look that shows the readmission rate and lines for the upper and lower confidence levels.  I try to add a reference line and go to the Distribution section and select confidence level but I'm not sure how to add my Calculation fields for the Upper and Lower Confidence Interval to get that Box Plot look.  I've attached my packaged workbook...if anyone can help with this I would appreciate it.  Pinging the following people:


      @Scott Tennican

      @Jonathan Drummey

      @Ramon Martinez