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    Get data from a .xlsb file

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      I have a .xlsb file (Excel binary file) with 260.000 rows and 70 columns.


      When I tried to connect in tableau, i get this error:



      Error de la base de datos 0x80004005: Error no esperado desde el controlador de la base de datos externa (1) .

      The table "DTS_Data$DTS_Data_rng" does not exist.

      Unable to connect to the Microsoft Excel file "..\XX.xlsb". Check that you have access privileges for the requested file and that it is not open in another application.


      Obviously, file exists and i have access privileges, if I save file in .xlsx format (Excel 'normal' file), it works fine.


      Making some test with rows & columns in .xlsb files, it seems that number of columns affect:

      350.000 rows and 30 columns, no error.

      350.000 rows and 70 columns, i get error


      There are limits (columns or rows) in .xlsb file to connect with tableau?