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    Is it possible to use combined parameters for measure selection?

    Gorazd Ozimek

      In my workbook I have several measures, such as pack sales and cash in USD. From those measures I have created several date calculated measures based on rolling 3 months, rolling 6 months, rolling 12 months and YTD.


      So basically this means that there are following measures in the workbook:

      Pack sales

      Pack sales R3M

      Pack sales R6M

      Pack Sales R12M

      Pack sales YTD

      USD sales

      USD sales R3M

      USD sales R6M

      USD sales R12M

      USD sales YTD


      Instead of using one parameter for the measure selection I would like to use two parameters, which would be combined. In one parameter I would have Pack sales and USD sales and in the other one I would like to have R3M, R6M, R12M and YTD. Is this possible?