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    Unique Stacked Column Question


      I am trying to mimic an existing graphic look and feel for a client.  They have a chart that shows total program costs per quarter.    The data is stored in a row per event so you would have sample data such as (real data has many more fields):


      Event Number, Date, Total Cost


      What makes the chart I need to mimc tricky is that it further breaks the columns down by grouping event costs.  By that I mean all the events in Quarter 1 with total cost less than say $20K are grouped and colored say red, between $20K and $50K blue and over $50K green.  The colors are then stacked.  And there are 4 columns, one for each quarter of the year.


      I can make stacked column charts when the data is in separate columns in my data source.  But being a relative new tableau user I am not quite sure how to go about this.