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    Not every entry in a filter list will render a graph even though every entry has data that can be graphed

    William Drake



      I have a table with 260,000 rows and 8 columns.  I'm plotting 2 measures (Crashes and Participants) against dates, and I have a filter on one dimension (Places).  The quick filter shows all of the appropriate entries.


      When "All" is selected in the "Places" quick filter, a graph is rendered as expected:




      If I uncheck the 2nd entry in the "Places" filter "ANAM", I can see the graph change appropriately to show that the data for "ANAM" is no longer included.  The most noticable change is the height of the bar for 2013 (it's a small change, but it's there):



      But, when I check only "ANAM" in the "Places" filter to see only "ANAM" data, Tableau does not render a graph at all even though I know I have rows of data for "ANAM":




      There are some "Places" filter entries that will render a graph, and many other "Places" filter entries will not even though they all have data.  Here is an example entry where the "Places" filter appears to work for "AITBATAM" (the first filter entry):



      Why do I not get consistent graphing behavior from Tableau for these different "Places" filter entries?

      How can I get Tableau to graph the data for "Places" filter entry "ANAM"?


      Thanks for taking the time to review this problem.