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    Group Permissions

    Varun Vasudevan


      I created a group using the Active Directory and assigned licenses and permissions to that group for a particular workbook, but none of the users in the group seem to get the same permissions applied to the group.

      What are group level permissions for?



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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Varun -


          Perhaps you can take us step-by-step through how you approached this with screenshots of our machine? It's likely you missed a step, but it's hard to say based on the description you've given us.


          First (wild) guess on my part is?


          • Did you click Assign Permissions to Contents so that the permissions you assigned to the group were populated throughout the sheets in the workbook?


          In any case, please document each step you took so we can see where you went astray.

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            Varun Vasudevan

            Hi Russell,

            1- I imported a group using the Active Directory.

            2- Chose a workbook and Assigned permissions and Licenses to the Group (I did assign permissions to the content).

            3- I chose a user from the group and changed his permissions and license.

            4- I changed the license level of my user as a "viewer" while assigning permission in the workbook.



            1-Now when I see the "All Users" list, all my users (including the one I individually changed the permission) was still Unlicesed and the permissions applied didn't seem to affect him.

            2- When I "Add/Edit" the permissions on that workbook, The user (For whom I changed the permission) is shown as a viewer.



            1- My user's license level is Viewer or Unlicensed?

            2- Will this user be able to log in to the server under the present situation?

            3- What are group level permission for? By this I mean, if I assign a particular set of Permissions and Licenses to a group, will all the users in that group get those permissions?

            4-Will I have assign licenses individually to all the users in the "All Users" list?


            Thanks and Regards,


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              Russell Christopher



              An unlicened user can't do anything on the server, regardless of what roles you assign the user or which permissions you give him/her. You must license the user, generally as an "Interactor".


              You can license multiple users at the same time by selecting them and licensing them en-masse. You can also import them with the TabCmd SyncGroup command and actually SET the license level of everyone in the group while you import them.


              Hope this helps!

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                Varun Vasudevan

                Hi Russell,

                Thanks for the info but I am still a little confused.This is my understanding of how it works(Please excuse me if I am wrong)

                1-When I import a group using the Active directory, all my users are unlicensed.

                2-After importing, now I choose a workbook and I select the add/Edit permissions option.

                3-I select the group that I want to assign the permissions and license to. Suppose I give that group "interactor" license level.

                4-Now, will the users in that group be interactors?(I am asking this because I didn't see this happening in the "ALL Users list" when I followed the steps above)

                5- I basically want to know what exactly happens to the users when I assign permissions/license to a group?

                Thanks and Regards,


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                  Russell Christopher

                  There is an Interactor role which defines what a user can do with a workbook (view it, filter it, etc. ) that’s what your setting – permissions, essentially.


                  I 99% sure you cannot assign the Interactor license (the thing that lets you do anything on the server at all) via groups AFTER the group has been importted. You have to do this:


                  1. Click your group name ("All Users", for example)


                  Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 6.44.18 PM.png

                  2. Next, select all of the users in that group with the checkbox in the colum header for User Names:

                  Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 6.46.21 PM.png

                  3: Finally, license the <X> selected users:

                  Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 6.50.47 PM.png



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                    Varun Vasudevan

                    That Helps. Thank you!!

                    So, if I go to the

                    Contents>Workbooks>Select a Workbook>permissions>Add/Edit permissions>choose a group> assign custom permissions.

                    What will happen in this case? Will all the users in the group get those permissions?


                    Sorry to bother you with so many questions!


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                      Russell Christopher

                      No worries – but I’m going to answer your question WITH a question:


                      What do YOU think will happen? Based on everything we’ve discussed, will editing group PERMISSIONS make any impact on LICENSING (which must be set before permissions even matter)?

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                        Varun Vasudevan

                        No it won't make any impact on the licensing.

                        So basically from whatever we have discussed, I can conclude that adding/editing Group permission holds no significance w.r.t users, correct?

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                          Russell Christopher

                          Correct! If your users are not licensed, it doesn’t make a bit of difference what you do with user OR group permissions.