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    Drawbacks to using Email Address as a Tableau Server login?

    Matt Lutton

      I was asked this question today, and didn't know the answer.  Can an email address be used as a login for a Tableau Server site?


      I was able to add a user with an email address as the username, so the answer must be yes!


      Now, my real question--for large # of users across different organizations, what do you use for the login field?  We want to use something that can be managed/stored in the DB, and something that the user doesn't have to think about/remember.  Are there drawbacks or problems with using an email address, as long as they're all unique?


      Thanks for your help!

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          Toby Erkson

          Depends.  My gut reflex is "no".  If the company uses the full name then it's a bad idea as it's a whole lot of typing, especially for those from India.  Also, if the company email addy is long then it's an even worse idea (nike.com is easy, tableausoftware.com not as much).


          NO!!! -- > kesarinandan.duraipandian@tableausoftware.com

          Still a no --> kduraip@tableausoftware.com

          Ok --> kduraip@nike.com


          What about using Active Directory?  Then you don't have to maintain squat

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            Matt Lutton

            Thanks for replying Toby.  I'm not familiar with the Active Directory setup, and we have a somewhat odd setup here in which I don't have manage the server configuration/setup itself, but I admin our Tableau Server Site.  Also, much of what we use was already set up when I arrived on the scene, so I'm not sure how open they are to change.  I can certainly look into it and make suggestions.

            In terms of length of the email addresses, you think it is a problem for the user who has to type it in, or for the admin who has to set up the accounts?  I don't see a problem on the Admin side, but could see the potential for some users having to type a long address to log in.

            Thanks again!

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              Toby Erkson

              Here's my experience so far.  I've only used Server with AD so I can't speak to the advantages/disadvantages of the other log-on settings.


              If I had to type in my email address I would be complaining the whole time, ESPECIALLY if I had a long one!


              I think the Server admin should manage the server but I also know the separation of duties isn't uncommon.  Our Cognos environment follows a similar situation.  I'm very happy I control my server...mostly because I don't trust 99% of the IT people to do such a good job like I do in terms of customer support and rapid response.


              I'm not a network guy so I can't talk much about AD (Active Directory).  Other dudes and dudettes do that stuff here, however, I've only experienced it in a company-wide setting where everybody uses their AD login/password for logging onto their computer and for accessing applications, like Tableau.  So in the Tableau Server Configuration window, General tab, we click the Use Active Directory radio button in the User Authentication frame.  Add the domain and nickname (which is whatever you want it to be) in the Active Directory frame and you're done.  From that point onward people simply use their AD logon/password.  My AD logon ID is "terkson".  That's MUCH easier to bang out than " toby.erkson@majorTruckmfg.com ".  Yes, you still have to type in a password.


              Even though you may initially have just one domain name, you can still add other users from different domains.  We started with "americas" but also have "emea" and "apac".

              So the advantage of AD is that you simply add users to the Server by typing in their AD logon ID.  You could run a tabcmd command to import your AD users automatically (assuming they all get access) for the first time so you're not doing all of them by hand.  From there on out you would manually enter them in.  I average 1-2 users a week so for me entering manually is no big deal.  I know the tabcmd I mentioned begins with "sync" but that's very poorly worded, it's really just an import and not a true sync.


              1)  Is the domain of the email address the same, meaning, EVERYBODY uses the same " ... @ company.com "?  If so, then just drop the email domain.

              2)  Are the email names shortened, like "mlutton"?  If so, just use that.

              If you can apply both methods above then you've imitated an AD logon

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                Matt Lutton

                "Remember me" is your friend...


                I don't believe we can utilize AD, as we are providing licensing to users outside our organization, on various domains.

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                  Toby Erkson

                  Browser password remembering has been disabled in our company    It's a TOTAL PITA, too!