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    How to handle groups of countries (e.g.: Benelux, Nordics, UK and Ireland)

    Ed Zanelli

      I'm new to Tableau and geocoding. We manage marketing budgets by regions that include groups of countries. I'm trying to use a filled map visualization. Tableau recognizes many of the subregions that we use (e.g.: France, Italy, United States), but it doesn't recognize some others that are groups of countries (e.g.: Benelux, Nordics, UK and Ireland). I can right-click and Edit Locations; however, I can only choose one country to use as a matching location.


      I have read about Allan Walker's crowdsourced WMS server; and, Richard Leeke's TabGeoHack. These seem like overkill for my situation. I wonder if anyone has solved a situation similar to mine and if so I would be very grateful for your advice and experience.


      Thanks, Ed