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    What to expect in a Disaster Recovery Scenario


      There has been some discussion about whether or not we should implement a Disaster Recovery instance.  The assumption is that we will invest in hardware, version control, testing, etc that will reside in a different security domain/location from production instance.  for a system we anticipate may never be used.  Having said this has anyone set this up and assessed strengths and weaknesses of Tableau's Disaster Recovery options if initiated?  Any gotchas?



      • Will URLs break
      • Will Actions break
      • Do Data Connectors have to be defined differently.  I am assuming these will have to be constantly managed...
      • Will we have to create 2 versions of the same Workbooks, One DR and one Prod...
      • How will users know to get to the Disaster Recovery url?
      • Impact to Support Costs to continuously align DR environment.
      • etc.


      If anyone has ever gone through a Disaster Recovery event would be helpful to understand what the "reality" looked like.  We do know that we need to be sure all predecessor systems(databases,SSO, etc) need to be DR compliant as well, but looking as to the Tableau specific gotchas.