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    Create a calculated field for month on month changes in staff performance

    Paul Lewis

      I have a data set that contains one row of data per staff member per month for a year.  The data elements are a performance KPI and the number of training sessions the individual attended.  I want to be able to create a calculated field that gives the month on month increase in performance for each indivdual staff member.


      I then want to be able to show the if the impact training is having on subsequent months performance.  In the full data set staff members are able to be categorised by site, and team.  I would like to be able to use these as dimensions for analysis


      I have attached a packaged tableau file.




      Attached are

      a) spreadsheet which shows the example calculations that I think I need

      b) A powerpoint tht shows mock ups of the visualisations I want to produce

      c) Updated packaged workbook


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