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    What are the best visualisations for KPI's such as maturity and health?

    Craig Pitout

      Hi Community,


      I have a dataset which delivers a rating or assessment on a number of metrics that build a picture of maturity or 'health'. Each metric is given a rating from 1 to 5 and I wish this to be shown in stacked bar chart with a separate colour for each level.


      For example, using a classroom analogy, reading is 3, writing is 1 and language is 5. This would show something like this for a very basic data set (mock-up done in Visio).

      Health-Maturity KPIs.png


      I have tried a number of techniques that just don't work. One thought was whether, for each metric I include a value for each level so that 'reading' would have a 'level1', 'level2' and 'level3' value. Anyone have any tips on how to visualise something so simple? Is there another way to represent KPIs, maturity levels or health status in a visually appealing way? (In this scenario form is a priority over function.)


      Thanks in advance - looking forward to some amazing insights from the team!