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    Tableau Desktop PDF

    andros readyx



      Ive developed a tableau desktop script to export and send 400+ pdfs every monday at 8:00 oclock, is this legal, or tableau forces me to purchase the server to achieve the same. Another question, if i have tableau desktop installed in one machine, anyone can use this machine , or just one person must use it until he dies,  so, i can purchase 10 desktop licences to 10 machines in my department?



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          Aaron Clancy

          The first issue doesn't appear to violate the EULA.  You are not receiving the same functionality that Tableau Server provides by doing this you're simply streamlining what would have been a very laborious manual process of exporting static images (Not the same thing as publishing to Server).

          Second issue does violate the EULA.  Only one specific user is associated to a desktop license.  Other people aren't allowed to use that license.  10 users, 10 licenses.......100 users, 100 licenses.

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            andros readyx

            i see, thanks, thats why i was suspecting.

            In the first case: if want to do this in a parametrized way( every friday to group x, every monday to group y)  from a remote web application which calls this export script its allowed?,

            In the second case, what happens if a employee is fired or is in his vacations, it means i have to purchase another licences to the new employee?

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              Aaron Clancy

              Yes what you described should be fine.  In regards to the second question, you simply change the owner of a particular desktop license to the new owner within the customer portal @  https://customers.tableausoftware.com