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    Trend lines in charts with multiple mark types (version 7)

    Brian Smith

      Hi, I should start this by reiterating that we are still working with version 7. I have created a time-based line chart with several measures shown, and have added trend lines. (Forgive me, I'm getting an error when I try to paste an image, so I have added the pictures as attachments instead.)


      Then I have added a bar chart on a second axis.


      The trend lines for my line chart go away when I add the bar chart, and nothing I do seems to be able to make the trend lines visible again. When I right-click the Line marks, the popup menu even indicates that the trend lines are active. However, when I make the bar chart into a line chart, the trend lines return – so it only seems to apply when I use multiple mark types.


      Is this a known issue in version 7? Any thoughts about a workaround?



      Brian Smith