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    Country names

    Aneez Kanji

      I often have data from different clients where the Country is listed as E, GB, F etc. Tableau does a good job at assigning these to the locations of Spain, Great  Britain, France etc. When it comes to labelling maps, or viz, is it possible to apply the Tableau text (ie full country name) instead of the short forms country codes?

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          Matt Lutton

          If your data set includes the full names, you can just place the field that represents the full name on the Text shelf (or it is possible to create a calculation that returns the full name, but that seems like a lot of work if you can just include them in the data set)  I don't believe you can get these values from within Tableau, so I do believe they'd need to be stored in your data somewhere.  I've been wrong before, though, so who knows.

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            Allan Walker



            Use this.


            Best Regards,



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              Ramon Martinez

              Hi Aneez,


              The best practice is to work with an standardized code for country such as ISO-3166 alpha 2 or 3 as suggested by Allan in his previous comment.


              This require some data transformation and manipulation in the original data source in case the country id is not an standard one. When working with multiple codes (standard and not standard) we usually end up with country catalog with multiple unique identifiers that we can use as a secondary data source to blend with primary data source.




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                Aneez Kanji

                Thanks for everyone's feedback on this.


                My goal is to try to reduce the amount of manipulation on the original data source for those times where the clients do not follow 'best practice'. Allan's link is quite helpful and may help save a couple of steps.


                In the same way that Tableau can show the text of a month when given the month's digit (ie 01 = January), it would be awesome if it could display a country name given the ISO code.


                Thanks again.

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                  Hi Aneez,


                  Without the zipcode you cant locate the country in the tableau maps.



                  Muthu Krishnan. M