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    Date Calculations (years) wrong in Tableau

    Sheron Madhushanka



      I found this consistently on Tableau, calculating the age using DATEDIFF function is flawed!


      Here's is my example:


      This is my calculation:

      datediff('year',[DOB],#July 25, 2013#)


      DOB field is the format - dd/mm/yyyy


      So for a DOB of -



      The correct Age should be - 69 years but Tableau reports as 70.


      I diagnosed a bit and found that - Tableau does indeed reads the date in correct format - so I ruled it out.


      Here's a screenshot of that record

      age error.png


      The age should be reported as 69, not 70. Can a Tableau colleague help or explain the issue here?


      Urgent help is much appreciated!