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    Dual Date filters

    c n



      I want to apply two different date filters to two SEPERATE measures for my display. I am having trouble making this work because BOTH date filters seem to be affecting EACH measure.


      Is anyone aware of any tricks/techniques to acehieve my aim?



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          Could you post a packaged workbook to show what you are looking for? If the data is sensitive then maybe you could mock it up using the Tableau sample data sets.


          It will make it much easier to try and solve your problem




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            Warren Bromfield

            Hi C.


            You can do this using two separate calculated fields and parameters(rather than filters) for example:


            Calculated field 1: if date_value = "date parameter 1" then measure1 else 0 end

            Calculated field 2: if date_value = "date parameter 2" then measure2 else 0 end


            I attached a quick mock up as an example (please excuse all typos in there :-) )