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    percentage difference across 2 different attribute columns

    Vahini Rajagopal

      Hi, I have data that has business dates and corresponding prices for those dates. what I'd like to do is to get the prices for 2 different dates that can be keyed in by the user and find the % difference between the 2 values. In order to get the 2 values, I set up 2 "calculated fields" or measure values and used the If condition, for ex : last closing price start date = If ( close of business date = start date), then (price).

      last closing end date = if (close of business date = end date), then (price). This way I was able to populate the 2 measure values I wanted with only the prices of the 2 dates. However when I create a calculated field called = last closing price s@tart date - last closing end date and drag this field onto the table, it does not populate. How can i go about finding the % difference between the 2 different calculated field values and also sort on the results of the % difference?Tableau Administrator



      Any help will be much appreciated.