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    Animated (Time Series) Polygon Maps - Are they possible?

    Louis Keating

      Hey guys,


      At the Tableau Sydney User Group Meeting yesterday, one of the presentations demonstrated animated charts. I had a go myself and am now asking more questions:


      Is it possible to do an animated Polygon map?


      A few months ago I created a Sydney map broken down by postal areas using these two techniques


      Joe Mako: Joe Mako's Tumblr : Preprocess shapefile for Tableau Tutorial Video:...

      Richard Leeke: http://community.tableau.com/thread/116369


      At the moment I have overlayed a metric (registrations) but it would be cool to see how the registrations have been growing over time, by postcode.


      Tableau struggles to deal with the static view so I think we can safely assume that repeating the data for each time period would never work.


      Are there any other ways to do this? If there was a calculation for the metric, where it took the maximum of registrations per postcode, given a time period, and then applied that to the postcode... (EDIT: just realised there is no time-series data in the existing polygon/gps data so don't think this would work)... just some thoughts


      What do you all think?