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    Is there a way to set Legend range to be the same for two different measures?

    Alan Treanor

      I have two worksheets which I am combining in a dashboard. The primary metric on each worksheet is different and is colour coded. I'd like to ensure that the range for the colour legend is the same for both worksheets (e.g. $0-1000). The problem is that I can't set this manually because I want to allow the user to select different categories on the dashboard and have the legend range automatically update. Is there a way to do this?


      I've attached a contrived example using the Superstore data source. In the example, I would want the range for the colour lenend to be the same on both worksheets, without having to hardcode the min/ max.


      One way I could see this being possible is if I could use a parameter to se the Legend range. That doesn't seem to be an option though.


      Any help would be much appreciated.