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    How about a real forum??

    john lebourgeois

      Something with forum topics/ categories like everyone else rather than an 80's style email listserv?





      Marks and graphing

      back end



      I mean my gamer buds do quality forums for free.. this just looks like a 5 minute afterthought by T.S.


      Put someone in charge of the forum web structure!

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          It's nice to see that someone cares about this issue. Like +1.


          I agree this forum needs to be more user friendly to the needs of those participating. Categorization plays an important role in this regard. You most likely have my vote if you create and idea for this in  Community Canvas, which is the page where we create ideas and discuss how to improve the forum itself.


          Put someone in charge of the forum web structure!

          I wish more who care about the forum also would share their thoughts on what, how, and why. Therefore I hope more will participate in an open discussion about this in  The specified item was not found.  Web structure is definitely an important part of this.


          Ps.  Dustin  or  Tracy  might move this thread to  Community Canvas.

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            Dustin Smith

            Thanks for the feedback John.  We're always interested in new inspiration, do you have links to forums that you think are great examples of discussion areas that you'd be willing to share?

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              Jonathan Drummey

              Hi John,


              Have you seen http://community.tableau.com/community/forums?


              Here's the list of topics on the right, it covers most of what you mentioned:


              2013-11-01 11_06_41-Space_ Forums _ Tableau Support Community.png

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                Dustin Smith

                Apologies - should have noted that I moved this discussion from the forums to Comm. Canv.

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                  I just tested this.


                  Category registration is only available for Questioners.

                  It is a strength that Questioner can do this.

                  It is a weakness that Helpers can't.


                  Categorization can be done for various purposes. One purpose could be to allow helpers to assist other helpers. See more about this in  Stump Stamp.


                  categories are define by those who ask questions.png

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                    Jonathan Drummey

                    I agree with this, I'd like the forums tagging/categorizing to be more robust.

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                      john lebourgeois

                      I have seen the search tags on the left.. It doesn't help with browsing or organization, it's a poor solution.  Here is one example of a very complex, thorough and easily navigable forum GemologyOnline.com • Index page


                      This is simple, free web software to do it, and has everything you need, including search forums etc..   and your example of the side bar does NOT include job listings..


                      btw AM i competing with Tableau in providing consulting services to clients??  Is that part of your business model, or are you all into empowering third party vendors? It would be good to know before I spend money and time becoming an expert in this system, or I should go elsewhere?


                      If you are into empowering your third party vendors and consultants, then look to Microsoft and other players as to how they do their MVP program etc.   because right now, the only thing it sounds like you can do for me is have me pay for the privilege of selling $50k of software to clients I find.. which isn't a viable  business model for me or you.


                      The first B.I. intelligence platform to leverage third party consultants will be the one to dominate the space, no matter how good your technology is.  IBM proved that over and over again until they became irrelevant with the net.  (technically, IBM sucked).


                      The real question your company has to answer is why aren't you doing a page and program like this?? 


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