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    How can I build a table like this example in Tableau?


      Please have a look at the table shown in the link below (Financial Table). I have been having a hard time replicating its behavior in Tableau tables. The key thing about this table is its ability to go pretty deep in the nesting of groups (6-8 no problem) and render it well even if the row labels are 20-30 characters. Also you can expand or selectively collapse each group, something that i have not been able to do in Tableau either. Finally, it does not do any math when you expand collapse.


      In Tableau I have tried to use Hierarchy but it does not seem designed to build this kind of table, which is quite important to my specific use case. The table I am trying to build looks like the one in the link, and I will have 100 - 150 rows and 20-45 columns.


      Any help is much appreciated!