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    Color Legend as a Sort of Filter

    Jon Boeckenstedt

      Either this is impossible or incredibly easy and I just can't figure it out.


      This is a draft of a financial aid dashboard; I can't upload it because it contains student data, and I've changed some of it to obfuscate. Top view shows number of records, bottom is 100% bars.


      I'd like to be able to make selection(s) using the color legend and have another display that calculates aggregates of other variables based on the selection.  So, for instance, if I were to click the "C" category or "C and D" categories together (which show financial aid amounts), I'd like to be able to have another sheet on the dashboard that tells me how many are in the selection, what the median GPA was, etc.


      I can of course, create a filter to do so, but that would remove the non-selected categories from one or both of the views, and I'd like to keep the display of all the data for context.


      Is this possible?

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          Matt Lutton

          If the problem is that you cannot use the legend itself to drive these actions, I would propose pulling the field that drives the legend onto a new sheet with the same field used on the color shelf, with a square mark type, and set up colors in the sheet to "look" like a legend--and use that to drive your filter actions.


          Something like this setup can be used as a floating or fixed sheet on a dashboard:


          Sheet as Legend.png

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            Michael Carrico



            Thanks for the suggestions.  Do you know if there is a way to alter the alignment of the color shape (i.e. left-align the square rather than center-align)?



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              Matt Lutton



              I don't believe you can directly alter the alignment of the shape--however, you may be able to use a layout container to add some spacing.  I removed all borders from the formatting of the sheets in this example, because with the borders showing, it didn't look quite right.  I'm sure this could be improved further, as well, but you see what I am proposing from this example, I believe.


              Here's a simple example I just set up--note the vertical container separating the two sheets:


              8.1 workbook attached as well.

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                Michael Carrico



                Thanks for the response.  That is a good idea but doesn't quite get to what I was trying to accomplish.  I was using this alternate color legend so that I could also strap a text label to the color and furthermore sort based on that metric.  The display issue with white space caused by the center-align is then amplified due to the column-width required to incorporate the label.  I could left-align the metric label but then it just looks kind of strange.  Thanks for the help though, much appreciated.

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                  Matt Lutton

                  If you want to upload your workbook, or a sample demonstrating what your view looks like, I'm happy to take a look.  I'd open a new thread to do so, though, so other helpers will be more likely to chime in with their thoughts.  Cheers.

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                    Darin Jensen

                    Hi Matt,

                    Disclaimer: I'm a newbie. I have a sheet that looks like the legend that I want to use as a filter in the story. My problem is how to make the sheet into the filter/legend on the story. Other words: what's the next step? Thanks.

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                      Aakash Relan

                      Hi Matt/All

                      I am working on the same type of problem but in my case the color legend is based on a calculated field (If a+b <5 then "red", if a+b<4 then "blue"...). I am not able to pull just that field onto a new sheet and mimic the legend as I do not have those values for a and b in the new sheet. Is there any other way to achieve the same result?


                      I'd really appreciate your help.