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    Using Parameter to dynamically switch from dual axis cart to either of the single axis charts

    Patrick Lefler

      I need to be able to switch between a dual axis chart and either of the two charts that make up the dual axis chart. I've created a parameter Select_Chart that lists the three options. I think the next step is to create a calculated field (which in the attached file is named: CALC - Select Chart) that uses a CASE function. 1 = Display Dual Chart; 2 = Display Market Share Bar Chart and; 3 = Display Running Total Line Chart. I'm having trouble creating the calculated field to incorporate both charts.


      Is this even possible with a calculated field? If not, are there any other options?


      Desired Outcomes:


      1. Display Dual Chart

      Dual ScreenShot.JPG.jpg

      2. Display Market Share Bar Chart

      Market Share Screen Shot.JPG.jpg

      3. Display Running Total Line Chart

      Running Total Screen Shot.JPG.jpg


      Attached is a Package Worksheet (with the incorrect calculated field).


      Your time and feedback most appreciated.


      Pat Lefler