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    SQL Server Authentication Mode and “Prompt for Credentials”

    David Purdy

      We have a SQL Server database with row level security applied to end user views and the row level security scheme depends on SQL Server know who the logged on user is.   I know about “Impersonate via server Run As Account” and I understand how it works but we can’t use that because impersonation requires that each user have an individual login (as opposed to being granted a login by virtue of being in an AD group).


      What I want to do is publish the data source to Tableau Server with “prompt for credentials” but it looks like that only works with SQL logins and not AD integrated logins.  When I have an analysis services cube as the data source, this is exactly how it works.  The user is prompted for credentials to connect to the cube and the credentials entered are the user’s windows user id and password.


      Is there a way to do the same thing for a connection to SQL Server?


      Again, I want to prompt for credentials but not for SQL native login credentials.  I want to prompt for windows credentials and authenticate with them.


      ps.  Of course the ideal solution would be for Tableau to implement Kerberos delegation.  That could provide single sign-on across the two hops (client=>Tableau Server=>Database).