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    Restricting a Tableau action if multiple parameters not selected

    todd steussie

      I am trying to identify if there is a way to restrict users from executing a Tableau action until they select all of the parameters on the current dashboard. "Submit" button (see attached pdf) will take users, via Tableau action, to the next dashboard in the workbook where cancer survival rates are displayed.  The database has default values for each coefficient, so that if the user fails to input a parameter, the database will use the default value of the coefficient, resulting in a 5 year survival rate that is not applicable to this specific patient. 


      Workbook is linked to Microsoft SQL server using a stored procedure. Patients change the parameters to produce survival estimate based on their specific cancer, age, race, *** and comorbidity score.  It is essential that users input data on all parameters otherwise data can be wildly inaccurate.  I cannot provide a workbook because of IP restrictions and the workbook being linked to SQL on our company's server.  


      Thank you very much for your time and consideration.