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    Best way to alias quickfilter on a set

    Rachel Gadd

      I have a workbook that ranks products by a number of different e-commerce metrics.


      I want to include a filter that allows the user to select to display:

      (1) only products that have sold at least one unit [items sold <> 0]

      (2) only products that have sold no units [items sold = 0]

      (3) all products


      I achieved this by creating a set of product IDs with the condition Items Sold = 0. Then made it a quick filter. The problem is that the naming on the resulting filter is not very user friendly for my non-technical business users.



      My question is whether it is possible to alias the existing quickfilter, or if it is possible to solve the problem in another way which allows me to clearly label the filter conditions in the 1, 2, 3 format above. I tried to use a parameter and a calculated field to decode, but neither a case or if statement is valid because it's a boolean.