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    Help with a filled Map - Show missing cities between 2 data sets

    Juracy Americo

      Hi tableau community,


      I'm able to make my own filled map .Thank you  Richard Leeke for his great post http://community.tableau.com/thread/116369,


      I need help with the workbook attached, in this file I have 2 data sets:

      One with area where each sales man is in charge and a second map with the sales made by each sales man.

      In the dashboard I’ve have 2 filled map separated  “Area for each sales man” and “Area with actual sales” .

      The map on the left (Area for each sales man) I use that to see the name of each county where we don’t have sales on map  “Area with actual sales”.

      How can I have both information in same map,  without losing the functionality of the filter for Year , Period  and Sales Man.


      Thank you in advanced , any help will be appreciated.


      Here's an example showing the map I’m working on.Dashboard 1.jpg

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