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    Combination Chart with more than 2 panes - area, line & points

    Joe Harwood

      Dear Tableau Community,


      Can anyone please advise how I can make the following visulisation in Tableau.


      I attach a Tableau workbook example of how far I've got and an image of the output here:



      and this image is where I'm trying to get to:


      In tableau parlance I think I want a 'Combination Chart' with more than two 'Panes'


      basically I want:

      A single continuous variable x-axis the date
      A single continuous variable y-axis the 'price' in $s


      I then want to plot three sets of data on this x-y plot: Let's say the time evolution of the price of oranges, apples & pears.


      I know how to put the 'Measure Values' on the 'Rows' shelf and 'Fruit Type' on the 'Colour' to get a differently coloured line for the evolution of the price of each type of fruit - as I've done in the packaged workbook and the first image above.


      What I do not know how to achieve is how to have a different 'Mark Type' for each 'Fruit Type'. For example a line for the price of oranges, a scatter plot for the price of apples and an area plot for the price of pears. I know this might seem a ridiculous requirement but that is an artefact of the simplification of the problem. In my real life example this is quite neccessary.


      I have seen examples of how to combine, for example a line and scatter plot, by using the 'dual axis' feature and then ensuring the two y-axes line up. However, not only does this solution feel terribly hackish but I can't see how it extends beyond 2d?


      Fundamentally this is a simple problem, it is effectively just overlaying different sets of marks. In other systems (R/ggplot2, d3, even Excel) I have not found this to be an issue. Hopefully it is just my being a slow learner and new to Tableau not an intrinsic problem!


      Thank you very much for taking the time to read this question, any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.