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    Overlay new chart type upon different selection

    Mark Hing


      I'm relatively new to Tableau and wondering if it is possible to overlay a new chart type after selection of a different indicator? I've attached a screenshot of what I'm trying to do. In the screenshot, the second metric across the top has been selected (or at least a mouse hovered on top of it). It now shows the bar chart information relevant to this metric underneath it.


      If a selection was made on another metric on the top row, then the bar charts below would be replaced by another chart that was relevant to the metric that was selected (e.g. a pie chart, area graph, scatter graph etc). I know that you can make a separate pop-up appear, but I want to have it all on the same page.


      Also, I need to then publish this on Tableau Server and have the functionality available on Tableau Server for our users to be able to have access to the dashboards that way.



      Thank you for your help!