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    Publish Multiple Views from a Workbook and...

    Michael Lance



      I have a workbook that has several views.


      From one .twb file workbook containing several views:

      I want to publish some views together in one "server" workbook and other views in another "server" workbook.

      At the same time, I want to keep all views (from both published workbooks) in the .twb file together and be able to update all associated, published workbooks at once when I make changes.

      What I really mean is: is there a particularly efficient way to do this so that I do not have to save new versions of the same, main workbook for each set of views that I publish? Or if I have to, is there an efficient way to update all at once if I make changes to the main one?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Joshua Milligan



          You should be able to publish multiple times using a single workbook.  When you publish, you can define a different name for the workbook.  So publish once under one name with the views you want.  Then publish again using a different name and the other set of views you want.  Would that work?






          Publish workbook as Dashboard 1:



          Publish again as Dashboard 2:


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            Toby Erkson

            What do you mean by "server" workbook?  Are you dealing with more than one server (sites? different URLs?)?


            My first reaction answer to your question is "no" but I don't understand your question fully.  Joshua's method will work (it's one workbook) but will require you to physically publish it multiple times with changes made to the name and exposed tabs and these multiple publishings will be physical copies stored on the server...which doesn't sound like something you want to perform.


            However, if you are using embedded credentials and scheduling an incremental or full extract then once you publish the workbooks you are done.  There will be no need to continue republishing.