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    Are groups compatible with the level of detail shelf?

    Edward Henke

      Hoping this is a quick one!


      I'll make this a general question and can get specific if need be. Let's say I have a "City" field, which lists locations of offices. But let's also say that because Berkeley is so close to San Francisco, that I'd like to group all of Berkeley under the label "San Francisco." So I create the group in Tableau, which will do that.


      Now I have data for each row, and I'd like this data to be aggregated on the basis of my new group, and not on the basis of the original city name. Dragging the "City (Group)" field [rather than the "City" field] onto the Level of Detail shelf doesn't seem to work. Are groups compatible with the level of detail shelf or do I have to stick to the data as it is? If not, are there any alternative methods?


      Thank you!