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    Make your own custom Tableau Server landing page

    Mark Jackson

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      After seeing many of my users interact with the Tableau Server interface, I came to the conclusion that it is a little intimidating to new users. So I set out to make a new landing page. I briefly considered custom web development, but decided that would probably be a pain since I'd need to leverage resources outside of my department. So instead I thought, "Why not just create the landing page as a Tableau Dashboard?" I went to my favorite graphics design tool (PowerPoint) and mocked it up. PowerPoint is an incredible graphics design tool that is way more accessible and easy to use than Photoshop. Below is my design. It's pretty simple stuff from a Tableau dashboard perspective. It is mostly images copied from PowerPoint with some floating on top and serving as links. The "go' button is a view that uses the two search parameters to construct the search URL.


      I attached to the internal PostgreSQL database so I could give the user quick access to their most recently accessed reports. I also wanted to show the top 5 trending reports to aid report discoverability and give some server stats for propaganda purposes.


      For the full illusion that this is a webpage, be sure to add this to the end of your URL string: ?:embed=y&:toolbar=n


      The .twbx file is attached. It is Tableau 8.1 so I could take advantage of image transparency. Please note that you will need to direct this to your own server to get it to work.


      If you create your own landing page, report back. I'd love to see what you do with this.


      Landing Page_v2.png

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