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    Partial Stacking?

    Ron Ommerborn

      I have a data set where I have to versions of a product- X and Y.  I'd like to see how many orders from each version fall within these the value grouping I've created.


      To get to this point I've had to do the following:

      1. Create a calculated field for the value of each order.

      2. Create a calculated field that counts the order id's.

      3. Create a grouping based on the value of the order.


      With this data, I'm trying to see a bar chart of how many orders are in each value group, broken down by version.  When I have a stacked chart, everything is looking good, but the versions are on top of each other.  I'd like to turn off stacking so I can compare which version had more in each group, but as soon as I do I get 1 for the quantity across the board.


      The reason this is happening is because in order for the grouping of each order into the value group to occur, I have to add ID to the details.  So essentially this chart is stacked by order id, and just colored by version.  What I need is to stack it by ID (or count of order id), but not stacked by version.