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    How to create parameters which influence each of my categories separately and show total value with colors.

    Ivan Klimovich

      I have 3 columns: Page_category, URL and visitors.


      • "Page Yield" is a metric which means unique URLs over time (countd(URL));
      • Visitors = "Page Yield" * "Visitors per page Yield";
      • I have 4 categories: Top_nav, product, category, unknown;
      • I calculate separate "Page Yield" for EACH category (countd(if [page_type] = "product" then [page] end));
      • Same for "Visitors per page Yield", I only add parameter to calculation to be able to manipulate the result;
      • TOTAL visitors = "Page Yield(product)" * "Visitors per page Yield(product)" + "Page Yield(Top_nav)" * "Visitors per page Yield(Top_nav)"..... HERE I HAVE PROBLEM

      When I apply page_type to colors it returns null values. I can see why that is happening (tableau doesn't see link between page_type and visitors_per_category calculations) but how can I overcome it?

      I need to calculate total visitors and be able to manipulate "Visitors per page Yield" separately for each category. Also I would like forecast this. Any tips? Attached is a workbook that illustrates my approach.