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    How do I create a calculation based on the value of a cell?


      In my viz of personal spend, I am trying to make what I think is a calculated field that subtracts the amount if a corresponding cell value is 'Credit'


      Here is basically what I have


      DateDescriptionOriginal DescriptionAmountTransaction TypeCategoryAccount NameLabel
      10/20Food @ TargetMilk5.00DebitGroceriesCash
      10/21Return @ WalmartOJ3.00CreditGroceriesCredit



      So basically, if the Transaction Type of a row is equal to 'Credit' then I want my running sum to subtract the value in the Amount column. In this example, the Net Sum would be a total of 2.00 (5-3=2)

      I tried this following formula, but it hasn't done anything:


      If [Transaction Type] = "Credit" then Amount  * -1



      Any help would be greatly appreciated