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    Filtering and Categorical/Binary Variables

    Matthew Crellin

      Hi everyone - I'm hoping that I can find the answer to something that's left me scratching my head all day long with a data set I'm working on. I'll try and illustrate this exactly so it is hopefully clear (and to show exactly what's eluding me):


      For example, I have a list of job categories which have some additional data on the educational level that employers typically require for those areas, which are (Bachelors degree and above). For some of these, the career field can be both Sub-Baccalaureate *and* Bachelor's +, as shown here:




      To make the filter shown, I used a very simple calculated field:




      Now, here's what goes a little wrong!


      If I select Bachelors + on the filter, I get exactly what I'm hoping to get: anything with a "1" under BA+ Display, regardless of what is in the Sub-BA Display column:





      But now - when I go to look over at my Sub-Baccalaureate section...well...here's what happens:




      What I really had been hoping for was what I got in the previous table: anything with a Sub-BA Display of "1" shows up, regardless of what is in the BA+ Display. In this case, I'm sure that my calculation is only returning the "non-1" values back first. Even if I define them in my calculation differently, use an IIF statement, etc. - I always end right back up here.


      I'm sure that I'm missing something that is glaringly obvious - or I'm not sure if it requires creating sets / parameters as well - but I know this is the place to ask for help! Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!