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    Add new line to tooltip

    John Henry

      I have a tool tip with a field like this

      String: <string>


      Is there anyway to create new line breaks in the string so that the string will appear on the next line when I want it?


      For example, if the strings value was 'Mary had \n a little lamb \n her fleece was white as wool'. I would like to see a new like when \n is mentioned. Would this work? If not, what can I replace \n with to get a new line in the tooltip

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi John,


          One way to do this would be create a couple of calculated fields. Similar to the following:


          left([Phrase],find([Phrase], " \n"))


          if contains(mid([Phrase],find([Phrase], " \n")+3), " \n")  then left(mid([Phrase],find([Phrase], " \n")+3), find([Phrase], " \n"))

          else mid([Phrase],find([Phrase], " \n")+3) end


          Then, place these two both in your tooltip on separate lines.



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            Ramon Martinez

            Hi John,


            Create a calculated field based on the string field, in a way that you add CHAR(10) + CHAR(13) to generate the line change in the text.


            For instance:

            Left([description],5) +CHAR(10) + CHAR(13) + Right([description],5)


            This formula takes the five left characters from description, add a change of line and then add the five right characters from description


            You can add that calculated field to Tooltip and done.


            Take a look at this example in the attached workbook.


            I hope this help you to get the concept and how-to implement it




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