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    Calculating aggregate number for n-number of weeks

    John Bencina

      So I have a set of weekly data that takes on a single calendar date, the Monday of that week (ie. 10/21, 10/14, 10/7, etc).


      For every week I want it to total [Units Sold] for the last n number of weeks based on my parameter control. The catch is that I want it to do so even if the sheet itself does not show those weeks needed for the calculation.


      For example, if my slider is set to total 6 weeks of sales, I do not want the first 6 weeks in my window to be null or calculate on a smaller number. I want it to pull from the data regardless. Each week would show the rolling 6 week sales respective to that date. How do I go about doing that? I tried using IF statements on my [Week Date] field but that's not working as I need it to.