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    Authoring in Server?

    Shawn Wallwork

      A couple of days ago, a sales team from Tableau met with one of my clients and supposedly demonstrated 'authoring in server'. My client's takeaway from the presentation was that if they install server and then publish the data source to server, anyone with a server license can then browse to it and create their own vizzes without the need for a desktop license or software. This was NOT my understanding of how the Server/Desktop licenses work. Is my understand wrong? Is there something new coming? Do things work differently when you get to the 8-core licenses? Do 8-core licenses come with unlimited desktop licenses as well?





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          Joshua Milligan



          It is possible for a Server licensed user to author a viz in a browser without using Desktop at all.  However, there are currently some limitations (think the primary Desktop workspace without any righ-click or popup screens -- e.g. no editing/creation of calculated fields, limited formatting, no editing axes, adding trend lines / forecasting, etc...)  And it is only for editing a viz and not editing/creating a dashboard.


          Eventually, I would suspect that all or at least most  Desktop functionality will be brought into web authoring via Server.  For now, it is doubtful that anyone would be able to accomplish what they wanted from an authoring perspective using Tableau Server only.


          A version or two from now that may be different.  Will that cannibalize Desktop licenses?  Maybe.  But I suspect the trade-off of selling more Server licenses and also making Tableau authoring more accessible to every platform (iPad, Unix, anything with a web browser) is fairly desirable.


          Your understanding of licenses seems correct (but as always you may want to check with your sales rep )




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            Joshua Milligan

            Here's what the web authoring environment looks like:



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              Shawn Wallwork

              Thanks a lot Josh.



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                Joshua Milligan

                You're welcome!