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    How do I filter on aggregated number of records for a specific category

    Mattias Elm

      I am a novice to Tableau, and I've been searching the Internets for a soulution to this problem. I can't find it though.


      I have a matrix with four fields set up. The measure in the matrix is a count of "Respondents". This matrix is replicated for a number of Suppliers. Each supplier has its own row in the matrix. A visualization might look like this:


                                       A           B              

      Supplier 1      C          2            30

                           D         5             21



                                       A           B

      Supplier 2      C          2            1

                           D         5             2



                                       A           B

      Supplier 3      C          2            30

                           D          5           21


      And so on.


      I want to create a filter that will exclude all suppliers where the total amount of records in the entire matrix for that particular supplier is below 30. That is, I only want to show the suppliers that have a total number of records 30 or above. In the example above, Supplier 1 and 3 should show, but not Supplier 2.


      I can't figure out how to do a calculated field that will count records PER supplier. If I could do that, then I could use that calculated field as a filter.


      What I'm after is similar to doing a Group Count on a specific category in Crystal Reports.


      I suppose thet calculated field would look something like this:


      COUNT([Respondents]) //PER, FOR EACH// [Supplier]


      I'm looking for the operator to use where I put //PER, FOR EACH// above.


      Sadly I can't make the data available, since it is of a sensitive nature.


      Any help would be much appreciated. This can't be hard to do, I just can't find the solution.