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    Embed Tableau into Word Document cannot print

    Wizard Lee

      Hi All

      I have created a word document that has a Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX object in it. This object has the following code behind it:

      Private Sub Document_Open()

            WebBrowserName.Navigate ("https://TableauServerName/Project/Workbook/View")

      End Sub

      The above works really well in achieving what we're after, whereby live Tableau visualizations are embedded into the Microsoft word document page. However, when we go to print the document, using Microsoft Words standard print capability, the document does not print the content in the Web Browser object, it looks like its replaced by white space.

      Also, in any internet browser, if we use the browsers print functionality, the Tableau visualization is all over the place and spans multiple pages, is there some setting on the Tableau server that we can configure to prevent this?

      Has anyone tried to do a similar thing and have had success with it? I know there is a post and knowledge document on embedding content in power point presentations, but this doesn't allow printing of the presentation either as it uses the same method as above...