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    How do I fix my data set to import Zip Codes for custom Geocoding?

    Brian Fanelli

      Hey Everyone,


      I am trying to import a custom set of geographic data into Tableau so I can do a DMA analysis, but I am having issues when I include the Zip Code into the data. When I take that out, the data does import correctly, but I get the "Ambiguous Data" for about 600+ cities since there are some repeats. I have read all of the different instructions on how to format my data, and no matter what I try, Tableau will not read Zip Code for some reason. Is there something wrong with my data set that is preventing Zip Code from being brought in? Also, if there is no way that I can bring Zip Code into the data, is there an easier way to correct the "Ambiguous Data" error in Tableau besides putting in the Latitude and Longitude manually? That process would take me days if that is the only way.


      I have attached my custom geocoding data to help you see what I'm talking about.


      Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!



      Brian Fanelli