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    Conditional Formatting Error - Not coloring whole cell, just showing a small square

    Louis Keating

      Hey all,


      I've got a table with a list of 'Pages'. Each 'Page' belongs to a category (e.g. Dining). As well as showing the category in the table, I would like to color the row. All Dining would be Blue for example.


      I've written a bit of code to select the color and put it on the color shelf:


      IF  [Category] = 'Dining' Then 'Blue' Elseif

          [Category] = 'Hotel' Then 'Green' Elseif

          [Category] = 'Entertainment' Then 'Red' Elseif

          [Category] = 'Retail' Then 'Yellow' Else

          'Orange' End


      Please see the image to see what's happening... The whole row/cell isn't being colored.. Any ideas?


      Tableau Problem.png