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    24 hour day begin at 8 am

    Michael Daivs

      I have been unable to find anyone experiencing the issue I am so there may be a simple fix.


      I work at a place that has 3 shifts and am trying to create a viz that shows the turn around time of each of those shifts as well as an uncovered time slot. The problem is that the night shift broken around midnight so that their shift is shown on both the left and right side of the viz.


      Attached is a workbook with 3 dashboards. The first showing the initial issue. The second showing the problem with shifting the hour of time by 8 (beginning of the first shift) and adjusting it to a time scale (modulo 24). The third shows the second dashboard with the adjusted "hour" with the axis suppressed and the actual hour of the day in the Tooltip.


      Is there a way for me to just shift the beginning hour of the day from midnight to 8 am so that I can achieve the visual results while keeping an accurate axis across the bottom of it?