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    Can I see the MDX that Tableau generates?

    Mark Wilcock

      Tableau 8 is giving me unexpected results when connecting to an SSAS multidimensional cube.  It generates a rows for every member of the dimension on the rows shelf rather than just those rows with data. This is similar to what happens when "Show items with no data on rows" is checked on an Excel pivot table against a cube.  Is there any way to see the MDX generated by Tableau?  Beter still, has anybody has a solution to this blank rows problem?



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          Eric McDonald

          For Tableau Desktop look in \My Tableau Repository\Logs and open the log.txt file (or one of the other log files you sometimes have to search). Database queries are recorded here and syntax depends on database in question. If you don't know your My Tableau Repository folder is select Repository Location... from the File menu. There are also similar server log files.