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    Flow of traffic on map with a slider to advance in time

    Mona Mattle

      Please forgive my lack of knowledge about Tableau, I've just started using it, and have one concrete problem, which I have not been able to find a solution to on google (or FAQ) - so hopefully someone in here will be able to help me?  The thing is that I'm doing some tracking (in the context on waste) on one single street in Copenhagen - this is done by 3 Raspberry Pi's which collect both mac-adresses and the signal strength (multiple times per second)  - what I would like to do then, is to show the flow of traffic in that street using Tableau - (with a slider to advance in time). Is it possible and if so can you point me in a direction to start from? Right now my dataset look like this:  <cleint MAC adress> - <unix timestamp> - <signal strength Pi1> - <signal strength Pi2> - <signal strength Pi3>


      Thank you.