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    Calculating the Variance on Two Different Date Ranges




      I was wondering if it is possible to calculate the variance based on two different date ranges?


      For example, if you look at the attached picture, I want to be able to filter different dates on both maps and the 3rd map (variance) would show the difference. So in the picture, both Map 1 and Map 2 has the same date ranges, the variance will show 0.




      The problem is that I have 2 data sources, both of them have state fields, but I want to use the state field on the 1st data source, and use the profit from the 2nd data source. I tried creating Table Calculation with calculation type as "Difference From", but the date filter from the 2nd data source doesn't show up on the "Calculate the difference along:" drop down.


      I mocked up what I would like to accomplish and attached the workbook. Any help or suggestions is appreciated


      Thank you!