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    Extract Security

    Perry Narzem

      Hi, new to Tableau and cant find this in the server documentation.


      We are trying to limit who can put extracts on the server but we want them to be able to publish workbooks.  Is there a way to segment the security so that they can publish but not put extracts in the data sources?





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          Matt Lutton

          When you say "not put extracts in the data sources", can you clarify what you mean?  Are you referring to the ability to publish data sources to the Data Server, or the ability to embed extracts within a packaged workbook being published?


          Maybe you can explain what you are trying to accomplish in more detail--what would be the purpose of the restriction?

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            Perry Narzem



            We are the IT group and manage the data.  The groups creating the workbooks are the business teams.  Yes, we want to publish the data sources to the server and have the teams connect to them and create workbooks and publish those to the server.




            Perry Narzem

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              Russell Christopher

              Hey Perry -


              Interesting idea! Short answer is no - If a user is granted the ability to publish, we allow them to publish what they need for their workbooks to function correctly. I can see how having the ability to restrict the ability to publish extracts (or even data sources) might be a good way to "drive" people to Data Server data sources (a good thing).


              However, this could also cause user confusion (a bad thing, Tableau tries to avoid doing this). Many of our users choose "Import Data" without even realizing what they're doing, then publish their workbook to Tableau Server. If we disallowed extract publishing (and even threw up a message saying "sorry, no extract publishing, try connecting to a Data Server data source instead"), many of our folks wouldn't know what we're talking about, etc. etc.


              You might want to post this idea to the "Ideas" forum though - see how people react to it and if it gets votes...