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    How to limit number of items shown on the worksheet?

    Alexander Buyin


      I need to limit the number of items shown in the report to improve performance otherwise the query may select a lot of records and it may work for ages. I tried to apply approach described at Finding the Top N Within a Category | Tableau Software. I created the calculated field based on Index() function and added it at the row shelf but it corrupted the report. I attached an example. Sheet1 shows all items filtered for employee_id=12. I want to pull the limited number of documents in this Gantt chart. I applied calculated field Index at Sheet2 and applied filter Index >=1 but <=10. But I do not see the grey "HotKey use" bars in this report. For example compare "Hotkey use" bar for document 0221302430694 at sheet1 and sheet2. Also I do not see the bar that represents "Document Processing Application" duration (201s) for the document 0651300824401. What is wrong? Could you help me to find a solution?

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          Darin Coulter

          This may not be helpful to you at all.. However, I couldn't solve the riddle that seems to be associated with doing a proper Index() function on a gantt mark type, either.  I tried everything I'm aware of to fiddle with, and still I couldn't get the view you were shooting for..  I opted instead to just do a filter on the overall length of time the document was in process...


          The effective result of this is to reduce the volume of documents in your report, so maybe you'll find that a decent enough workaround.  I also fiddled with the way you had your gantt view set up, maybe you wanted the categories displayed the way you had before, but typically if I'm doing a gantt I prefer the view set up as I have done it.  Hopefully there's something here you can expand on.