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    One Idea, two locations?

    Toby Erkson

      I'm checking out the Ideas in the Community Canvas and then I went and checked out the other Idea space for...I guess...the more formal Tableau products.  What sort of prompted this was Johan's Idea, Promote ideas I *can* vote for.  His Idea is in Community Canvas but it uses the formal Ideas space in the examples.  So is this functionality for all Ideas, not just implemented in the formal Idea section?  Ah ha!  How do to this?  Because if you look at the URL of the CC (Community Canvas) Ideas it's a filter on the CC  whereas the formal Ideas space is just that, an actual dedicated space for Ideas and Ideas alone.


      Things that make Tracy & Dustin go "Hmmmmm..."


      So far the Ideas have been well established in their location but I know the day will come where an Idea is place into the wrong space.  When I go to the CC space, Overview tab, and click the big, shiny orange button "View All Ideas" it ONLY shows me the Ideas for CC -- it doesn't include the Ideas space


      Also, the filtering is different when clicking on the orange button vs. clicking on the Conten tab and then on the Ideas sub-tab.  (I think I just heard Dustin exclaim "RUHT-RHO!" in a Scooby-Doo voice).